We are the Credible Crew founded 2018. We are an alliance of creative and open-minded people who are producing a range of textile products in our own factory in Bangladesh. We have a heado ce in Germany and an o ce in Dhaka, Bangladesh to be always connected. We are working with Brands like FILA, Alpha Industries but also for several german Hip Hop artists. Our portfolio is diverse like our creative minds


We mainly produce garments, caps and bags especially for brands from the streetwear sector. Our creative lab o er you trend research, creative ideas and design your collections. We care for each detail, so we source trims and fabrics to find the best solutions for your project. We develope, produce and deliver your garments – we cover the full business. Transparency is important to us, so you are always welcome to visit our factories. We are open minded for any experiment with new fabrics or styles. Your idea is our challenge.


Our vision is to support your project with our innovation, creativity and our strong textile garment production know-how. We want to bring your brand to the highest level of success with our high quality garments. You start with a small quantity? We grow together. You start with a big quantity? We will keep the overview. We have 25 years experience in garment production and are connected to suppliers all over the world. We lived 2 years in Bangladesh and worked in one of the biggest local buying agencies thats why our main focus is Bangladesh. Short ways, a good communication and our own o ce is our way to keep you satisfied. Sustainability and social responsibility are the same way important as transparency for us. We have an open factory policy and are proud to produce in Bangladesh. Our vision is that our customers visit our factories and convince themselves.




We handle your project with care. From the idea over production up to handover the goods, every step is planned and open communicated.



Our Bangladesh team support us with sourcing, developments, sampling, production and inspection. They monitor each single project and accompany it from beginning to the end. Our team is visiting our factories and keep in touch with the employees. Any problem can be solved directly. We have nominated a german laboratory for chemical and physical testing of our garments. This is how we keep a high quality standard.


Our partner factory for caps started its journey in the year of 2011. It‘s located near Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. With the specification for headwear we can provide a high premium service with latest technology. With more than 1500 employees and more than 900 machines we are well positioned. Our dedicted teams ensure high quality and crafmanship standards. We o er 16 embroidery machines for 3D, flat and other appliques, also we have a laser cut machine in house. We o er several ways for printing such as water, oil based screen prints, 3D and high density print. We are able to do sublimation and heat stamping and also rubber or metal patches. Apart from pattern and di erent shape skills we o er di erent kind of washings. We can produce more than 100 variations if we combine each development ability in our factory. There is no limit to your designs.


After years of working and living in Bangladesh, we fell in love with the land and people. So in 2016 we lay the foundation for our own factory. Our factory produce knit and woven garments and has more then 250 employees and more then 130 machines. In fact for Bangladesh standards this is little but that doesn‘t prevent us from producing 250.000 pieces of garments in a month. We are able to scale up to higher quantities if necessary. We care about labor laws, social standards and a ethical enviromental production. We love transparency. Our factory is an open factory – all our customers are invited to visit us. High quality garments and satisfied customers are our priority. Let‘s grow together.


Our partner factory for bags, founded in 2016, is a women owned, sustainable leather goods manufacturer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Every bag is handmade, using sustainable leather and ethically sourced trims. Next to leather we can o er huge variations of vegan leather alternatives. As a member of the WFTO, gender equality, social inclusion, ethical environmental production and climate change mitigation are at the forefront of their mission. With each bag sold, together, they are empowering peaceful progress. They are firmly committed to a safe and fair manufacturing culture all along their value chain . They are continually researching techniques to ensure the best results in creating and designing using a diverse spectrum of raw materials. Every piece of material and trim is hand selected to confirm the utmost commitment to quality standard, design and functionality.


We place importance on social and and eco- friendly standards and are proud that our factories have following certifications:


Our clients are various. Most of them are based in the streetwear scene, music scene and reach up to high end labels. Here is a list with some of our clients.


some impressions of our latest works. If you are interested in our fully portfolio let us know.

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